Yes, it’s another ShowMojo blog-post that has nothing to do with scheduling. Nor marketing. Nor even prospect nurturing.

Ok, not totally true. There’s a vital tangential carbon-fiber-nano-tube tether to all those things, but we’d lose most every reader in the aeronautical twists required to land that Spruce Goose on a very fat dime.

Today we’re talking pure leasing intelligence. 

Do you already use the Listing Performance report to target your worst performing rentals?

Do you use Feedback Surveys to evaluate individual showing agents?

Do you extract Other Data as part of you overall leasing funnel analysis?

Do you use the CodeBox report to track self-showing deployments (as well as managing CodeBoxes, pulling codes, adding showings, etc.)?

If you’re doing these things – or just realized that of course you plan to do these things – then Listing Groups are here for you.

Cluster your listings into any number of groups, and get even more relevant data in an instant. Create groups for anything you might need. Different regions. Different income areas. Different owners. Different internal teams. Basically, anything.

You can assign listings to any number of groups from the Listings page. Or configure the Listing Auto-Assignment section on the Import Settings page to do your dirty work automatically.

Stay tuned. There’s more listing group features coming soon.

Team ShowMojo


P.S. Some power-users have grown quite fond of the listing filter that was quietly added to the Other Data page last month. You can check that out right now, without even adding a listing group.