If nothing else, you have to admit that subject line sounds so much better than Power Features for Listings.

The Listing Settings Page

Our first power feature is all about simplification. Perhaps you already visited the new Listing Settings page (it will be a work in progress for some time) but take a gander at the latest updates:

  • Customize the default settings for tenant notification and lockboxes to simplify your listing on-market activities.
  • Hide optional features (such as showing acceptance and address masking) to simplify the ShowMojo user interface and restrict team member access to unwanted features.

Assign Listings to ShowMojo Calendars from Your Property Management Application

Now that sounds like a superpower. But it really just uses custom details (or amenities or features) on the imported listing to get the job done. Still, it’s super simple — and that’s the point.

Interested in learning more? Check out our knowledge base article: Use Custom Details on Imported Listings to Auto-Assign Regional Calendars.

Import Only the Listings You Want

Does your office use a shared listing system with other offices that (oh no) don’t use ShowMojo? Do you have listings in your property management system that — for whatever reason — you don’t want imported into ShowMojo?

Now, individual listing importers can be configured to import only listings that match one or more contact details on a ShowMojo account. For multi-user accounts, this includes team member contact details.

Sounds like something you might need? Read up on it here: Filter Imported Listings Based on Team Members and Contact Information.

Automatically Include Listing-Specific Buildium Apply Links

If you use Buildium’s application functionality, this one is for you. Just consult our Rental Application Links article and make a small setting adjustment.

No, that’s not your deja vu superpower. The last time you read that headline it was about Propertyware Apply Links.


Team ShowMojo