When we first set out to build ShowMojo, we had a very ambitious mantra:

Make the residential leasing process not suck – even for renters.

Ah, the good old days of being a feisty, brash startup. (At least we’re not a startup anymore.)

We have achieved that mission – albeit only for our customers and their renters. There’s still so many property managers and owners to reach. So we’re thinking big by getting back to the basics.

Announcing ShowMojo CLASSIC

Like ShowMojo itself, the ShowMojo CLASSIC platform enables a prospect-driven leasing process. The leasing manager retains 100 percent control, while letting go of 80 percent of the effort.

Unlike ShowMojo, the ShowMojo CLASSIC platform is feisty and brash about simplification. Simple setup. Simple pricing. Simple-to-use features — and only those features most necessary to get the job done.

Simply put, ShowMojo CLASSIC is online scheduling for:

  • New managers and owners.
  • Smaller companies where cost is top priority.
  • Managers and owners who really, seriously, truly want ONLY online scheduling (and not full leasing automation).
  • Anyone who wants to get rolling with online scheduling right now (even if “right now” is 2 am) and will worry later about every other way ShowMojo can help.

Is ShowMojo CLASSIC starting to sound like a gateway drug? Now you’re getting it. And here is the gateway drug pricing:


If that eye-popping pricing was blocked by a browser plugin then have a look here.

What’s in It for Current Customers?

ShowMojo CLASSIC is only a taste of what ShowMojo can do. It’s not a leasing automation juggernaut like ShowMojo PRO nor ShowMojo ELITE. We don’t see a property management horde banging down the door to lose screening question restrictors, document verification, multi-user accounts, dynamic prospect nurturing, and dozens of other ROI-packed features.

We love our current customers. So we do have something special for all of you. All current customers who refer a new account to ShowMojo from now until November 10th will receive a $50 Amazon eGift Card.

The goal of ShowMojo CLASSIC is to spread the benefit of online scheduling far and wide — to as many property managers and owners as possible. What better way to do that than rewarding our current ShowMojo PRO and ShowMojo ELITE customers?

When sending someone our way, make sure they have your email address. That is how we will deliver your eGift Card. Also, check out the common-sense rules on referrals. And, no, it doesn’t matter whether you refer an account for ShowMojo CLASSIC, ShowMojo PRO, or ShowMojo ELITE.


ShowMojo’s goal is to assist all property managers and owners. All of you have so many different needs, it can be confusing for us, too. That’s why we have defined three separate products:

ShowMojo CLASSIC: Offer online scheduling and streamline your showing process.  (Announced here.)
ShowMojo PRO: Automate everything and double or triple your leasing capability. (Most current customers.)
ShowMojo ELITE: Go big and dominate your market. (You know who you are.)

Having trouble deciding? Just respond to this email and we’ll be happy to help.


Team ShowMojo

P.S. The sales department wishes to register its formal protest to the use of “suck” and “gateway drug” in this post and pledges that such gutter decorum will be neither displayed nor tolerated outside of ShowMojo’s creative writing group.