Who Shot Who in the Whatsamathinger?

Here’s a gift to all you company accounts out there. Have you ever knocked your noggin demanding: “Who made this change to that showing?” Then fired off a missive to the ShowMojo support desk asking us to find out? And after a little tech forensics we got the answer back. And then the fit hit the shan and the “fired” word got used one more time?

Oh, we hate it when that happens — and wish no longer to be a party to it.

This morning we updated the Showing History Pop-Up to tell you who made each change to a showing. That’s right, ShowMojo now names the logged-in user who made each showing-related update, in addition to those who respond to email communication from ShowMojo.

So now you can go from WTF to 60 demerits faster than a Tesla Model S in James Bond mode.

Team ShowMojo


P.S. Some details will be available only on actions taken today and moving forward (not in the past.) And we’re playing the marauding feature card on this one. Read: it touched a LOT of places and we might have missed a couple. Just let us know.