As most educated citizens know, the Friday before a major holiday is reserved for announcements that corporations and governments hope to sneak out without notice. Just go on with your barbecue and ignore that disturbing crunching sound in the background. It’s nothing.

So, this Labor Day, we thought it the perfect time to announce ShowMojo’s first major Big Brother feature:Team Member Account Access.

Now any administrator on your ShowMojo account can log in as any other team member on the account. This lets you do useful things like:

  • Set up or adjust team member templates and showing notification settings
  • Manage team member calendar integrations
  • Update team member availability without all the other account calendar noise
  • Better assist your team members by being able to see ShowMojo the same way they do

To give it a voyeuristic whirl, go to the General Setting page, scroll down to Showing Notification and Distribution, and click the appropriatelog in as link.

There’s nothing else to see here folks. Continue on your way and enjoy that barbecue.

Team ShowMojo