Who posts to a blog on Friday afternoon in the middle of summer? Someone with a feature too good to wait until Monday.

Here’s some great news for anyone who schedules group showings.

ShowMojo now lets prospects “piggyback” on already-scheduled showtimes up to one hour before the showing (or whatever other number of hours you chose).

For example, if a specific listing has a 24-hour notice requirement, and a showing was booked in accordance with that requirement, additional prospects can continue to book showings on that showtime (but only that showtime) even past the notice period.

Here’s some additional details on this awesome new feature:

  1. Piggybacking still honors the maximum concurrent showings setting on the listing’s calendar
  2. Piggybacking is controlled by a new “piggyback” option that you’ll now find on the Calendar page

So, if anyone is actually reading this on Friday afternoon, please stop now and go out and start your weekend!