You’ve got a great property. Good. But no matter how great the property, there’s no such thing as a unit that rents itself. Studies show that potential renters actually consider their impression of the leasing agent one of the key elements in determining which property to rent.

Here’s a few things to keep in mind.

Dress the part

While it may be a bit outlandish to show up in top hat, white tie and tails, jeans and a t-shirt are not an acceptable way to dress for a showing either. There’s a reverse quality at work here: the less you dress like a plumber, the more likely potential renters will feel that you’ll get one for them when needed. Your manner of dress will be the symbol of the professionalism potential renters can expect from you and your agency. Slacks and a button down shirt or else a nice dress are a good idea.

Human Touch

A home is, after all, one of the more personal parts of anyone’s life. Your potential renters must feel at ease with you. Think of the showing as an event, even like a first date. Your primary goal is to make a connection. Stop and greet the potential renters when they arrive, be friendly, make small talk before you even start talking about the property. If you act rushed now, potential renters will feel uneasy while looking at the apartment and feel even more uneasy about renting it.

Know Your Stuff and be a Good Listener

No matter how good you look and how friendly you are, you also should be ready for anything. Know your property up and down, including information about previous renters and about the neighborhood in general. However, you shouldn’t be the one doing all the talking. A great speech about the sparkling-clean bathroom may sound great, but it’s likely to leave listeners feeling like they aren’t able to see the property on their own terms.  Remember, people feel more comfortable when they are given the chance to talk themselves. Give an overview of the property and then be ready to articulately answer questions.

Finishing Up

These are the key elements of making a good first impression as a leasing agent. As the showing closes, tell potential renters you are glad to meet them and hand them your card so they can reach you. And, just in case, have a rental application form ready. With a good first impression, they may even be ready to sign.