Yes, we know we already lost a few hundred readers with that subject line. Fail fast. Succeed faster. That’s been our product innovation creed from the very beginning.

Do you augment your full-time leasing staff with outside agents?

Do you let your full-time agents pick up showings for other agents’ listings in their spare time? 

Do your non-leasing staff pick up showings when they have time?

Well, as of today, you can choose to let your showing agents filter their imported listings by either location or monthly rent.

No, this isn’t for everybody, which is why we started out by listing some examples of who it is for.

And heck no, you don’t have to let your agents filter by rent. We know that somebody still has to show those $600 a month one-bedroom townhouses. We built it so you can choose to let showing agents filter only by location or only by rent or by both criteria.

Want to give it a try? Skip off to your General Settings page, roll down to Showing Notification and Distribution and check out the new setting at the bottom.

Your agents can update these filters while logged into their ShowMojo user accounts.

You’ll also need to make sure new listings are assigned to the showing agents’ calendars on import. You can do that on the Import Settings page, in the Default Calendar and Listing Auto-Assignment section.

Hidden new feature alert. Just add the word “ALL” to any listing assignment rule and ShowMojo will assign every listing to the specific calendar or group on import.

Need help setting it up? Give our support team a shout.

Team ShowMojo

P.S. Yes, this is a feature for Company and Elite accounts only. Yes, additional users (and all the intelligent time-and-money-saving whiz-bangery that comes with them) can cost extra. Looking for an alternative? Check out Lead Claim and the recent improvements we made there.