Up to now, there was no good way to make sure a prospective renter secured the home after a lockbox showing. Perhaps there was a reminder in the showing details emails? Perhaps there was a note on the inside of the door as they left the house? Perhaps someone added a good dash of hope and prayer?

Well, as of today, ShowMojo is your first line of defense, no matter what lockbox you’re using.

For every lockbox showing, ShowMojo now automatically:

  1. Sends a text message to the prospective renter 15 minutes after the showing to confirm they secured the home
  2. Makes an additional two attempts by text message over the next 90 minutes
  3. Alerts you if the home was left unsecured or the prospect did not respond
  4. Facilitates a reschedule if the prospect couldn’t make it

Oops, did a bonus feature slip in there? That’s right, if the prospect says they didn’t make it the the house, ShowMojo tries to get them to reschedule on the spot.

This functionality is automatically enabled for all accounts that include ShowMojo PHONE (and use lockboxes).

And, again, these features work with any lockbox, even that bucket-full you bought from the Home Depot clearance aisle. (Insert your own security-themed, Home-Depot-gave-my-credit-card-to-some-Nigerian-scammer joke here.)