Leasing automation needs to be as effortless as possible. You shouldn’t have to mallet prospects down your funnel, needle-nose them through the narrow end, tease out and discard the prickly ones, nor descale and regularly grease the entire chute.

That’s our job. That’s why you leave your leasing automation to ShowMojo.

So here’s what we’ve got for you this week.

Stop Dynamic Prospect Nurturing on Individual Leads

Let’s start with prickly, shall we?

Your prospects can always remove themselves from Dynamic Prospect Nurturing emails. There’s a link right at the bottom of every email. We are not spammers – and neither are you.

But we know the occasional prospect gets confounded by the word “unsubscribe”. And if you’re at the top of your game, you might want to proactively remove prospects such as disqualified applicants from further email communications.

Now you can remove absolutely anyone from Dynamic Prospect Nurturing. Just head over to the ShowMojo Dashboard, click Edit on the appropriate showing, and click Unsubscribe this prospect.

Route Emails and Leads with Multi-User Accounts

We know every leasing team does it different; and every leasing team does it right. (No, don’t dwell on that, please.) So we’ve added the ability to email and assign leads where and when you want them.

If you’re using our multi-user functionality, just head over to the Team Settings page and gawk at the new shiny dropdown. For each incoming lead you can:

  • Email the agents showing the listing and leave the lead unassigned. Use this when leasing agents manage leads and show listings as a team.
  • Email the account owner and leave leads unassigned. Use this when one or more coordinators manage leads separate from the leasing agents.
  • Email the applicable leasing agent and assign the lead to the agent: Use this when each leasing agent actively manages and owns their leads — no sharing allowed.

It couldn’t be simpler … at least not yet.

One Document Verification is Typically Enough

And now for the grease.

ShowMojo will now remember (for 30 days) when a prospect’s document has been verified by you or your staff. After a prospect’s document is approved, the prospect can schedule showings at your listings without them having to resend and you having to reverify — for 30 days.

The upshot? A happier, more streamlined scheduling process for the prospect. And less work for you and your staff.

That last one is on us. No one asked, begged, threatened or cajoled. If we didn’t include it in the newsletter it likely would go completely unnoticed. But we know it matters.

This is characteristic of the complicated and tiny details that we sweat over day after day. So, by golly gosh darn it, we’re going to step up and take some credit.


Team ShowMojo