“Move-In Date” Just Joined the Screening Question Restrictor Club.

Screening Question Restrictors was a 2015 sleeper hit. For those not in the know, restrictors keep prospects from scheduling based on answers to certain screening questions:

  • Whether the prospect makes income at a specified multiple of monthly rent 
  • Whether the prospect fits the listing’s pets profile
  • Whether the prospect meets other criteria specified on a custom dropdown screening question
  • And NOW and NEW NEW NEW whether the prospect’s move-in date fits within a certain duration before and after the listing availability date

Just update the Screening Questions section under General Settings.

Tired of prospects scheduling to see the place and expecting the owner to eat two months rent? Tired of explaining how, no, the current tenant would not prefer to move out a month early? We’ve got your back.

Hey, who said “finally”? We heard that.

Now You Can Ask for a Tenant Address

Some of our customers use ShowMojo for a lot more than just scheduling showings. We love that. And want to help. Yes, finally.

On any screening questionnaire you can now ask for an address to be selected from all your on- and off-market listings. This can be a question to the tenant, or just an office-only question.

Why? So you can create your own “not real estate” listings to schedule lease signings, move-ins, move-outs, property walks, maintenance, and routine inspections.

For example: tenants can schedule their own maintenance appointments and provide their address.

Another example: staff can schedule lease signings in the office (or anywhere else) and track by listing.

There are so many other possibilities. This is definitely one of our more exploratory features. So please feel free to schedule a check-in with our operations team to strategize about setting this one up.

And, finally, we’re done.

Team ShowMojo