Text Messages for New Showings (When Scheduled Without an Email Address).

Would you believe that 90 percent of all ShowMojo showings are self-scheduled by the prospect? So we’re not talking about those. (Though, wow, we’re excited about that number.)

Today we’re talking about the 10 percent of showings that are taken by phone or email and hand-entered via the ShowMojo Dashboard. (Sometime later, let’s talk about those please. Let’s get that number lower.)

As of this morning, for showings scheduled through the ShowMojo Dashboard, when there is no email address on the showing, ShowMojo automatically texts the prospect with the time, address and a link to all the showing details.

If anything comes up the prospect now has the ability to reschedule or cancel (insert frowny-face here) on their own.

There’s no second phone call back to your office, no voice mail red-rover, and no lost productivity and frustration. Ten minutes after scheduling, the prospect can remember that big lunch date and just reschedule. Until today, the prospect wouldn’t have this self-help option until ShowMojo’s confirmation process started — just 24 hours before the showing.

There’s no setting or configuration for this one. It just works. And there’s still the checkbox at the bottom of the New Showing form where you can choose not to send this message to the prospect.

For Company and Elite Plans: Add a Custom Text Message to Confirmation Requests

Need to hammer home a message immediately prior to the showing? We’ve got just the mallet.

You can now add a custom text message to piggyback on every confirmation request sent to the prospect. ShowMojo will also include that message in its email-based confirmation messaging.

Do you refuse new showing requests from prospects who no-show or reschedule last minute? Do you always meet the prospect at your office? Do you need to tell members of group showings that, if they’re not on time, they should just wait at the door?

Whatever it is, ShowMojo can help make that message abundantly clear.

To configure this option, just go to the General Settings page, scroll down to the Showing Confirmation and Cancellation section, and update the last setting in the list.

Just for Elites: Send a Text Message on ShowMojo Phone Hangups

This one is for the elite plans with unlimited leads. Why? Because if someone hangs up on ShowMojo PHONE without requesting a text message, opting to speak with someone, or leaving a voicemail – well, we just don’t think it’s right to count that as a lead.

But for our elite plans, with unlimited lead limits, ShowMojo can capture that inbound call for you and ensure the prospect gets your message. Specifically, ShowMojo will reply to any hangup with a polite text message (and link) encouraging the prospect to visit your listing gallery and schedule a showing. 

We really love this feature — because it works.

To turn it on, just go to the General Settings page, scroll down to the ShowMojo PHONE section, and update the last setting in the list.

Team ShowMojo


P.S. Have you received a rental application through Zumper? It wasn’t us. We didn’t do it. Really. It had nothing to do with our syndication feed. Nothing. But it certainly gave us a good scare and we dug deep into it. Zumper has told us the issue is fixed and will not occur again. If you do get a rental application through Zumper, please immediately light it on fire and forward it to us. And understand that we have not closed the case on this one yet.