No, not like the Boring Flamethrower. We are so insanely jealous of boring. All we get to sell is digital lockboxes (and that’s only to the fraction of folks who don’t do in-person showings).

More Support for Third Party Agents

It’s summertime. That means lots of showings. It’s also when you might have to fall back on third-party agents to show your on-market listings.

ShowMojo already has a feature to Allow Third-Party Agents to Conduct Their Own Showings. We’ve now updated that feature. So you can:

  • Add a customized screening questionnaire to collect useful information and even screen third-party agents.
  • Add a separate phone number for third-party agents so they don’t have to dial in through your ShowMojo PHONE number.

Get more details and get started. You’ll find these new options on your Schedule Settings page.

More (and More Simplified) Settings Pages

Take a gander at the Settings Page in ShowMojo. We’re remodeling (and we didn’t even make you move out first). You’ll find new settings sub-pages such as Listing Sites Settings, Phone Settings, and Alerts & Reports Settings.

There are just so many things ShowMojo can do. We are making it easier to find and configure the features you need most.

More Miscellaneous Updates

Our product development team clearly works harder than our creative writing team. Here’s a small backlog of almost new stuff that we should have announced sooner:

We drafted this newsletter in 30 minutes and WOW it shows! Have a great weekend everyone.


Team ShowMojo

P.S. Making good on our Promise from Last Week, the new Daily Performance Alerts have been configured on all accounts.