Essential Alerts on Critical Issues

ShowMojo now sends Daily Performance Alerts about several risk factors on your account, including when:

  • A showing agent has less than 20 hours available in the next seven days to show one or more listings.
  • A listing has no upcoming in-person showtimes due to lack of calendar availability.
  • A listing has had no leads in the last 36 hours.
  • A listing has had no scheduled showings in the last 72 hours.

Is there anything up there you don’t want to see? Or you just want it different? Head over to the Alerts and Reports section and fine tune the settings to your needs.

This healthy helping of New Feature Nirvana arrives weekdayly (no, that’s not a word) starting Monday.

Historic Listing Performance and Market Times

ShowMojo already had a Listing Performance Report to track your growing pack of on-market listings. And like any sly Big Cat we target the weak ones. However, in this metaphor, we aim to avoid a slaughtering.

This week we introduced a Listing History Report that gives critical performance insight into your previous on-market events. The report includes all the listings on your account that have gone off market.

See Average Market Times: Check out the averages tile (it’s the ugly one in the upper left so it’s easy to spot) for your historical days on market. Then use the report filters to learn the average days on market for any subset of listing data.

See Average Leasing Funnel Activity: From leads to scheduled showings to actual showings – and including conversion percent and feedback scores – this report averages it all.

Fine-Tune the Data: Not every listing rents its way off-market. There are sales and other less-than-optimal outcomes. ShowMojo can explicitly collect this information from the correct individual(s) on your team, so you are working with the absolute best data.

There’s even more. Review our Historic Listing Performance and Market Times knowledge base article for all the details.

That’s all the news that’s fit to print – this week. But, before we go …

Do you offer a live answer option to prospective renters? Do you or your staff really have time to take those calls? ShowMojo can help. Check out our Live Answer (24/7 On Demand) feature. Not a current customer? Then check out the Live Answer (24/7 On Demand) Announcement.


Team ShowMojo