Introducing ShowMojo PHONE!!

Try It Now: 312.647.2050

Some people just love to pick up the phone — just as much as Craigslist hates the hyperlink.

So today we’re taking the wraps off ShowMojo PHONE. And we’re reinventing the way residential real estate professionals use voicemail.

ShowMojo PHONE:

  • Is a local phone number that answers the phone whenever you can’t (or always, if you prefer)
  • Sends either a schedule-a-showing or an all-listings link to the caller’s cell phone (or any cell number the caller chooses)
  • Lets each caller leave a voicemail that is immediately emailed to you with both the audio and transcription
  • Lets you give each caller the option to speak to a real person by being redirected to any phone number you choose
  • Tracks leads who requested a text link through your ShowMojo dashboard
  • Can be added to any single-user ShowMojo account for only $19 a month (premium tier and multi-user pricing starts at $25 a month)

Think of ShowMojo PHONE as your primary leasing number. It can be used everywhere you syndicate your listings. It can be your primary method of fielding phone calls, or it can be your voicemail-on-steroids for the calls you can’t manage to catch.

Want to sign up for ShowMojo PHONE? Or just have questions? Simply reply to this newsletter with your account details. Or fill out the form on our ShowMojo PHONE landing page.