Postlets Is Dead. Long Live Zillow.

We must confess that we really like Zillow. They have never been anything but gracious to us.

That said, we were more than a little bewildered this morning when we learned that Zillow took Postlets back behind the barn and put it out of its misery.

Not that Postlets didn’t have it coming. But, hey, a little ceremony and heads up would’ve been nice. Nonetheless, Postlets was a free service, so Zillow was within its rights to do what it deemed necessary.

What’s This Mean for You

As of this morning, based on the information we have so far:

  1. All Postlets galleries are gone forever.
  2. Zillow has asked every former Postlets user to create a new password for Postlets’ successor: Zillow Rentals Manager.
  3. You’re old Postlets gallery link will not work at all until you create that new password.
  4. Once you’ve created that new password with Zillow Rentals Manager, your old Postlets gallery redirects to your new Zillow company profile page, which includes a list of your on-market listings. We think that’s your new gallery, such as it is. The links from your on-the-market listings lead to plain vanilla Zillow listing pages.
  5. The ShowMojo Postlets importer is — quite obviously — pushing up roses.

From what we can tell, all traces of Postlets are six feet under. Anything you don’t see in Zillow Rentals Manager (such as syndication outside of Zillow Rental Network) is likely gone.

These statements are is based on our analysis of the situation thus far. Please be mindful that everything above is nothing more than conjecture based on the information we have at hand.

What Are Your Next Steps with ShowMojo?

From our perspective, this is good news, because you have options.

You can choose to follow Zillow’s lead and roll along with Zillow Rental Manager. We have already started work on a revised importer for the Zillow Rental Manager. We hope to have that available early next week. But be aware that this is only conjecture.

Or you can choose to follow Zillow’s lead, make your peace with the loss of Postlets, and move on to something new. Specifically, just pick up your listings as they are in ShowMojo. By our reckoning, ShowMojo already has every feature that Postlets had — plus a couple metric tons more. Why not just manage your listings with ShowMojo, use our syndication, and use our gallery. You might just find that things are even better than they were before.

Please feel free to reply to this email if you have any questions.

Team ShowMojo