Introducing Something Awesome

ShowMojo can now factor in traffic-aware drive times when scheduling alongside current showings. That’s in addition to ShowMojo’s existing, in-person scheduling features that already flex to your exact needs based on:

  1. Your actual availability (including avoiding busy times) and
  2. Your preferred showing approach (individual, clustered, grouped, etc.)

Even better — these traffic-aware drive times account for the time of day and the type of day (workday or non-workday) based on historic traffic patterns.

Instant Upgrade

Do you cluster showings to make as few trips as possible? Or make yourself as available as possible for everyone? Do you maintain all available listings on a single calendar? Do you use a zoned calendar strategy? Or do you split listings across calendars for some other reason?

Drive-Time-Based Scheduling:

  • Improves most scheduling scenarios with the update of a single setting.
  • Reduces wasted downtime by providing more accurate travel time between showings.
  • Helps ensure your travel from one showing to the next without violating any laws of traffic or physics.

Basically, Drive-Time-Based Scheduling provides a more efficient showing experience, and could mean more showings within the same time frame.

Beta This

Drive-Time-Based Scheduling is available as an open beta. To enable it — and learn more — go to the Schedule Settings page and scroll down to the Drive Times section.

And, as always, please remember to brush up on the Beta Club Rules.

Team ShowMojo