Introducing the Gallery and Branding Settings page — the start of a new chapter in ShowMojo’s epic, prospect-facing, beautification project.

Well, it’s epic at least because it takes a long time. Astute followers might recall that this all started with the new, pretty, and highly-optimized Mobile Scheduling Experience.

Don’t Like the Default ShowMojo Colors? Then Change Them.

This isn’t just a can of paint. It’s a can of ANY paint. You can customize the header and button colors on your ShowMojo listings gallery and schedule-a-showing pages to match the look-and-feel of your website.

These options are located in the Colors section on the Gallery and Branding Settings page.

While you’re at it, scroll down to the Listings Gallery section, and check out the other adjustments available there.

Hey, Buildium Users, We Got Your Buttons Back!

Buildium did its own, quite impressive, beautification project last year. More important than mere envy, we couldn’t put ShowMojo schedule-a-showing buttons back on Buildium websites.

Well, that flap is finally sorted.

Do you use Buildium with ShowMojo? Just read up on how to Add a ShowMojo Listings Gallery to the Buildium Website.

Got Sales Listings? We Have Those Too.

From day one (18 May 2011) the ShowMojo platform supported for-sale listings. Honest truth — we didn’t know what we wanted to be when we grew up. Then sales listings took the way-back seat during our itty bitty leasing automation revolution.

But we haven’t forgotten about sales. Slowly and steadily we’ve added new features. Since then, ShowMojo’s for-sale listings can be:

  • Scheduled via ShowMojo PHONE.
  • Displayed in your ShowMojo listings gallery.
  • Made available for special third-party agent scheduling via MLS showing instructions.

All that (and probably a wee bit more) is explained in this aptly-titled article: Use ShowMojo with For Sale Listings.

Keep us on the VIP list (or at least the whitelist). There’s more on the way.


Team ShowMojo