Perhaps we should be apologetic for our part in the upcoming Robot Revolution. But, wow, sometimes there’s things that robots just do better, saving us humans both our time and our sanity in the process.

Like automatically fielding the inevitable “I’ll be five minutes late” and “We’re here ten minutes early” calls. So you can focus on getting the car to a showing and not wrapped around the great oak in the front lawn.

That’s why Late Showing Intercept automatically answers and resolves calls from prospects running late or prospects already at the showing.

It’s Like Magic

Late Showing Intercept knows how many minutes you allow for late showings. It automatically catches prospects calling your ShowMojo PHONE number near their showtime. Your phone never rings. So you get to keep both hands on the wheel of that non-autonomous vehicle.

  • If the prospect is running late for the showing but will make it within your allowable timeframe, then the showing agent is sent a text with that message.
  • If the prospect is running too late for the showing (based on the number of minutes late you allow) ShowMojo will politely cancel the showing and attempt to reschedule the prospect. Again, the leasing agent is notified by text.
  • If the prospect is already at the showing ShowMojo will ask them to sit tight and send the leasing agent a text notification.
  • But if the prospect arrived to the showing too late and only called when they got there, ShowMojo will politely inform the prospect that the agent is already gone and attempt a reschedule.

If the prospect is calling about something entirely different (or simply isn’t interested in chatting with one of our soon-to-be robot overlords) there’s always the option to reach you by live-transfer or to leave a voicemail if you allow those options on your ShowMojo PHONE.

Turn It On Now

Setup is super simple. Just go to your ShowMojo General Settings page, scroll down to the ShowMojo PHONE section, and update the appropriate settings.

Also, if you haven’t done it already, provide ShowMojo with a Text Alert Number (so ShowMojo knows what number to text you at). That’s at the top section of your General Settings page.

For multi-user accounts, your agents can set their own Text Alert Number by logging into their ShowMojo user and going to the Settings page.

Late Showing Intercept works with lead claim. It works with multi-user. It even works on the tiniest Annual Mini account.

Thank You Call Center

No joke — for once. There’s no way we would have identified and tackled this feature without the Call Center Closed Beta (sign up, if you haven’t already).

It doesn’t matter if you don’t use a call center, if you use another call center, or if you’re in the Call Center Beta. Late Showing Intercept will either save you from taking the call, or paying for the call.

And a gentle robot hand will provide your prospective renters with the exact assistance they need, exactly when they need it.

And we’re off …  to buy a laser blaster.

Team ShowMojo