If It Were an Accepted Medical Condition, We’d Get the Next Decade Off

Wouldn’t it be really swell if all our favorite property managers, leasing agents, individual investors, institutional investors and multi-family operators (yes, all of you) could agree on something simple and the same for everyone. Just once? For fun? For us?

Don’t everybody answer at once.

Right … anyway …. so here’s a glimpse of what we’ve been up to for the last month (or thereabouts).

Some of our accounts want their showing agents to have access to their own, individual listing galleries. So we have added Individual Listing Gallery Links for Showing Agents.

By default, this option is disabled, since — you guessed it — we know this feature isn’t for everyone.

Some of our customers use lockboxes. Many more are in-person showing diehards. And then there are a select few maestros who do both — on the same listing. Now fold in Lead Claim and Multi-User accounts, and where should lockbox showings be assigned?

  • To no one?
  • To the team member responsible for the listing?
  • Messaged out for someone to claim?
  • Or should lockbox showings bypass lead claim?

If you do self-showings with a team, then Lockbox Showing Assignment Behavior for Multi-User and Lead Claim is now completely your call.

Many of our accounts import listings. ShowMojo has a setting to disallow showings for a certain number of days after the listing was put on market, which has worked well for many. And, now, you can also choose to not allow showings a certain number of days before the listing available date.

By default, both options are disabled, since many customers want the listing to be immediately showable. Everyone else can review the Do Not Schedule Before Options and configure their own flavor.

Many users configure ShowMojo to avoid busy times on their connected Google calendar. But other users (those with a need) can now Configure ShowMojo to Avoid Busy Times on Whichever Calendars they Choose (from their Google account).

We haven’t forgotten Outlook 365, but some long-time readers might recall that Anything New with Outlook 365 Calendar just takes a little longer and a lot more TLC.

Some of our customers use lockboxes. Did we say that already? Sorry. Schizophrenia. Best not even to get started on all the lockbox options available.

Suffice it to say, lockbox users can now Configure Many Lockbox Defaults for All New Listings.

And now the voices in our head are telling us it’s time to go.


Team ShowMojo

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