From the Confessional

It’s all true.

We’ve been using the Showing Agent Feedback feature with ShowMojo demos and onboardings for more than a year. That’s right. We built it clandestine-like to collect feedback on all of you … and improve the ShowMojo platform at the same time.

But don’t worry. We’re not ALWAYS listening. We’ll leave that hapless hilarity to Samsung, Amazon and Google.

Why Should Prospects Get All the Fun


Prospects give feedback. Why not showing agents?

When you enable Showing Agent Feedback (here’s how) ShowMojo will:

  • Always and automatically ask the agent whether the prospect arrived at the showing.
  • Request feedback from the agent on whatever else you want to know about the prospect.
  • Remind the agent to submit feedback on each showing.
  • Tattletale to the account owner when feedback is not submitted.

Collected feedback is viewable (and effortlessly exportable) from the Showing Feedback Report.

Ready to Go?

If you don’t want to read yet another know-it-all KnowMojo article, then just enable Showing Agent Feedback by scrolling down to the aforenamed section on the General Settings page.

Then, skip up to the Screening Questions section and add a smattering of prompts for agent feedback. When you add a new question, just select Agent Feedback from the corresponding dropdown.

Now, apart from a tree that really does grow money, what could possibly be better news on a dreary Autumn Thursday?


Team ShowMojo