There’s only one outfit that can successfully pilot a newsletter about the joys of canceled showings. And, frankly, we know that‘s not us.

But that’s what product development stuck us with this week. Yes, with the pointy end.

Hey, folks, don’t delete-swipe just yet! Canceled showings (lemons) are a huge prospect nurturing opportunity (with a twist of lime and a tiki umbrella). So do keep scrolling.

Immediate Prompts to Schedule a New Showing

Now, whenever a prospect cancels a showing by text, ShowMojo automatically sends a text message encouraging the the prospect to reschedule.

For those prospects that cancel right from the web, ShowMojo immediately offers similar on-market listings from your portfolio – by matching location, rent, bedrooms, and pet profile.

There’s no new button or setting. It just works.

Email Follow Up on Canceled Showings

The Automated Post-Showing Follow-Up Email (DOB: 2012) is hardly older than ShowMojo itself. So we don’t quite know why it took six years to figure it out, but, obviously, we had a huge feature gap where the Automated Canceled Showing Follow Up Email (DOB: 2018) needed to go.

That’s right. ShowMojo now automatically emails each prospect after a canceled showing to encourage them to schedule a new showing — either at the same place or at one of your other listings.

Once again — there is nothing you need to do. This feature is already working on your behalf. But if you would like it to work different, just head over to your Communication Settings page and check out the options.

Improved Cancel and Reschedule Options

If you cancel or reschedule showings from the ShowMojo Dashboard, we’ve given you more options. You now have multiple preconfigured messaging templates to choose from.

Even if you do all your cancel and reschedule activity from your email inbox (using the showIng details emails you receive) you’ll find more cancel templates there too.

There’s Even More

These are not the first prospect nurturing features ShowMojo has targeted at canceled showings. ShowMojo’s Dynamic Prospect Nurturing Emails have been turning these sour lemons into your favorite Saturday sipping drink since 2014.


Team ShowMojo