No, We Are Not That Scary Lockbox Company

We are fresh off a world-wind tradeshow tour and wow, do we have an image glitch. We hid the CodeBoxes behind the booth — even snuck out to the beach at 2am and buried the poor bastards in the sand — but folks still walked up and declared: “Hey, you’re that lockbox-show service. Y’know, I’m just not comfortable with that.”

Ok, everyone, deep breath, and repeat after us.

  1. ShowMojo was built to remove all the arduous effort from in-person showings.
  2. ShowMojo fully supports self-showings, but lockboxes and CodeBoxes are an add-on feature.
  3. ShowMojo’s primary goal is to put 80 percent of the leasing effort in the hands of the prospect (and remove that effort from you and your team) while you retain 100 percent control.

In-person or lockbox. Apple or Android. Tastes great or less filling. We don’t care.

ShowMojo simply wants to save four-out-of-five hours your organization would otherwise spend on leasing coordination. Reinvest that time where you like. Though we’d politely propose steering clear of marketing-driven fanboy wars.

CodeBoxes Now Come with a Vendor Code

No spit.

The vendor code is a five-digit code that never expires and allows access to the CodeBox for trusted individuals such as contractors, staff, agents, your mom, et cetera. Hey, all we’re saying is you trust your mom. Those are NOT fighting words.

Every new CodeBox ordered through ShowMojo comes with a preset vendor code. You’ll receive it with the emailed order confirmation. You can also find it on the Lockbox Settings page. And you can always change it by accessing the box with your agent code.

Did you just order CodeBoxes six-and-half weeks ago and want them exchanged? Do we look like we’re made of money?

Thankfully … we started shipping vendor-code-enabled boxes a couple months back. We waited two months to announce the vendor codes because we didn’t want a property management horde banging down the door with CodeBox exchange requests.

So if you ordered new CodeBoxes from us in the last couple months, have a look at the “5” key on front. If it says “vendor” then you’re a winner!

CodeBoxes Now Ship with Lithium Batteries

We know that alkaline batteries can be a downer, since they drain in less than a year.

Every new CodeBox ordered from ShowMojo now comes with a lithium battery. Lithium batteries are rated to power a CodeBox at least twice as long as alkaline. That’s a much more accessible solution and much less of a headache.

We even conducted our own lithium-battery test to be sure — except we ran out of patience after three months.

You Decide How Far Out Lockbox Showings Can Be Scheduled

This update is for all lockbox users — not just CodeBox.

No more fixed fortnight for lockbox showings. Configure lockbox showings for only 3 days out. Or 30 days out. Or whatever you need. The setting is available on the Schedule Settings page, in the Additional Settings section.

Insert your own clever closing zinger here. We just ran out of steam.

Team ShowMojo