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Okay, so it was not the 2007 iPhone announcement. But the excitement around ShowMojo PHONE has surpassed any of our expectations. Nearly 20% of ShowMojo accounts have already signed up for ShowMojo PHONE.

With success like that, what else can you do but add new features?

First, ShowMojo PHONE is now included in your listing activity reports. Whenever a caller is sent a link for a specific listing, that activity will be counted as a phone inquiry in the appropriate listing report.

Second, ShowMojo PHONE can now automatically text on hangup. This optional feature sends a text message whenever a caller ends the call without taking any action — such as leaving a voice message. Even if the caller does not take the time to listen to your message, ShowMojo PHONE’s going to try to make sure the caller gets a link to all your on-the-market listings.

Last, and in no way least, ShowMojo PHONE now auto-replies to any incoming text message with a link to all your on-the-market listings. Add your ShowMojo PHONE number to your For Rent signs. Or include “text or call to schedule a showing” in your advertising. This feature opens a whole new world of possibilities.

Want to add ShowMojo PHONE to your account, or just have questions? Check out our ShowMojo PHONE Feature Page.