Pitching to the Base

It’s about time we drafted a newsletter exclusive to teams and all of you who do in-person showings — since 75 percent of all ShowMojo activity is in-person showings.

ShowMojo was built from the ground-up to automate everything about in-person showings — except the showing. And, well, some of us still believe that in-person showings are the best way to sell and screen your prospects — as well as reduce vacancies. That’s no knock on lockbox self-show enthusiasts — just different strokes for different folks.

Automatically Assign Imported Listings to the Correct Team Member

Got a leasing team? Got listings that you import from some other system? Want to Automatically Assign Imported Listings to the Correct Showing Agent?

Yep, ShowMojo can do that.

Even better, when listings are assigned directly to a showing agent:

  1. The listing assignments will follow the showing agent’s calendar-specific assignment rules.
  2. Each showing agent can select a default calendar, for when there is no applicable rule.

Power Features for Multi-Family Properties

To better support multi-family managers, ShowMojo has long had special options for Managing Multiple Listings as a Single Property. Those property-specific settings just got a much-needed three whacks with the new feature feather duster.

The whacks in question are:

  1. Properties can be assigned to any ShowMojo standard calendar.
  2. When a property is assigned to a regional calendar, the assignment (and all scheduling availability) will now include all new on-market listings for that property.
  3. For large, multi-family managers, it’s now easier to assign a new address to a property.

Access Other Team Member Showings from Mobile

ShowMojo account owners and administrator-level team members can now view showings for the entire team from the ShowMojo mobile site.

Just log in from your smartphone. Everything you need is right there. You can forget about the days of having to clunk your way through the Full Site experience to get to that essential information.


Team ShowMojo