Listing-Based Showing Control

Now you can restrict the total number of times a specific listing can be shown — per day and per week.

These limits are for in-person showings — not lockbox-based showings. And the in-person limit applies no matter how many agents in your office (or even outside your office) are allowed to show the listing.

Why Is It Awesome?

These listing-based Showing Cluster Limits can cure a number of leasing-related ailments:

  1. An agreement with the current occupant to limit how often the listing is shown.
  2. A very popular listing that could otherwise hog the showing schedule.
  3. Multiple showing agents showing the same listing and, hey, that’s ok. But from an efficiency standpoint you don’t want the same listing shown more than once per day.
  4. The listing is located some distance from your office and you want to be flexible about when you show, but you don’t want to travel to the listing more than a certain number of times per week.
  5. The listing is normally shown on a lockbox but you want to make limited in-person showings available.

Yes, ShowMojo already has solutions to each of these issues. But those solutions always involve additional calendars — and sometimes need someone monitoring upcoming showings.

Now it is as simple as updating a single setting on the listing.

Even More Flexible Scheduling

This new feature plays nice with the other kids in the scheduling sandbox. So everything just works. As for specific examples, the new listing-based Showing Cluster Limits support:

  • Group showings on the same showtime.
  • Individual showtimes scheduled together via Smart Show.
  • Listing, location and property limits on individual calendars.
  • Open Show, Piggybacking, Stacking and Propose Showtimes.
  • Manually-entered custom showtimes that count toward the cluster limit.

You decide how to show your listings (as an individual showing agent or as a company) and ShowMojo is there to make it happen.

Get Started

Want to learn more? Or just enable Showing Cluster Limits on your ShowMojo account?

Check out our Knowledge Base article: Limit the Number of Showing Clusters Scheduled at a Listing Per Day and Per Week.


Team ShowMojo