If It Looks Fishy, Don’t Click It

One sure (albeit obnoxious) sign of success is phishing emails.

Some ShowMojo customers have reported receiving emails with the subject line “ShowMojo Account Upgrade” earlier this week. They don’t look like us. They don’t sound like us. They don’t link to us (showmojo.com). And they are not us. So, if you see something suspicious, please don’t follow the links. ShowMojo asks for your login and password ONLY on our Login Page and no where else.

If you did click on something and provide ShowMojo log-in details please change your password immediately and look for any unusual activity on your account.

And please forward any suspicious email in its entirety to support@showmojo.com.


Showing Notifications Is the Star of the Week

You have trusted us for years to diligently email your tenants about upcoming showings. And whenever an owner or property manager needed one of those emails, we happily provided a copy.

But as of today, that trust is gone. Because you can do it yourself.

Just hop over to the Showing Notification Email report and frolic through every showing notification email sent on your behalf. There is a full copy of each email and confirmation that it was sent (by SendGrid, a trusted and independent 3rd party).

Do you have an over-abundance of trust now? Fret not. We’re always adding new features in which you can reinvest.

More Listing Data at Your Fingertips

This morning we added a new Detailed Listing Data report with some super-useful and easy-to-access information.

Of course there’s the mundane beds, baths, rents and such. But here are the juicy bites:

  • Days on market as well as the last date the listing was put on market.
  • All team members assigned to the listing (and for those of you who gang twelve showing agents on the same listings, apologies in advance for all the scrolling).
  • Where ShowMojo imported the listing from if it was imported. You won’t know why you need this till you need it. Trust us.

The Detailed Listing Data report gives you historical data on all your listings, both on market and off, through all time, but not the future. (Precognition is hard.)

Even More Showing Details

Finally, we added two valuable data points to the Detailed Prospect Data report.

To wit, there’s now a showing method column. So you can easily track and tabulate in-person versus lockbox showings per listing or across your entire account.

To boot, there’s now a team member column. So you can delve into all manner of performance conversations to which we have no interest in being privy.

But, in those closed-door chit-chats, don’t forget to include the Listing Performance report, the Feedback Surveys report, and the Showing Agent No Show Alert.

Hey, no one should go under a bus this week. But if someone has to go, we’re doing our darnedest to make sure it is not us.

Team ShowMojo

P.S. Reports are tough. Data often plays the square peg in search of a round hole. And, as every single person still reading this newsletter already knows, we are fallible. Please drop us a line if you see anything less than kilter in any of these reports.