More Text-Based Communication

Let’s start with the New Feature Nirvana gold standard — something that adds value, is completely automatic, and requires no new setting.

The Backstory: When a prospect schedules a showing, he or she can choose to confirm by email or text. (No worries. ShowMojo’s Automated Confirmation is extremely rigorous and, as necessary, leverages both email and text to get the job done.)

The New Feature Nirvana: ShowMojo now recognizes the prospect’s decision to confirm by text message as a preference for text-based communication and Always Sends Showing Cancel and Reschedule Notifications by Text Message. That is in addition to email, and even if the showing is several days in the future.

Change a Showtime and Send a Custom Message

Now, Whenever You Change a Showtime From Web or Mobile, ShowMojo Automatically Queues a Message to the Prospect. You can choose to send the message as is, customize the message, or send no message at all.

ShowMojo even determines if the message needs to go by text (as noted above).

There’s no new setting here, but why no New Feature Nirvana hoopla? Well, to be honest, we would rather ShowMojo have known your availability better so you didn’t need to move showings around in the first place.

Blacklist from the Dashboard

On the ShowMojo Dashboard, visible only to account owners and administrators, Each Showing Now Includes a Link to Blacklist the Showing’s Contact Details.

ShowMojo also asks for a blacklisting reason — both for your information and so we can begin to incorporate Ground Truth into ShowMojo activities. If you blacklist a lead or showing for fraudulent activity, you can bet your inflating dollar that is something we will investigate.

Adjust the Duration of Custom Showings

No, we are not scraping the bottom of the barrel here. Truth be told, we released this feature earlier this week and received our first support request within an hour. Clearly, we have some explaining to do.

Now, When Entering a Custom Showtime, You Can Adjust the Duration of the Showing. There’s absolutely no impact to any scheduling behavior you have grown accustomed to — unless you alter that custom showtime duration to allow or block other showings.

Why did we add this feature? Because, historically, ShowMojo guessed the duration of a custom showtime. And a couple times a year there would be a support ticket about unusual scheduling behavior and it took three customer reps, two developers and a chronologer (yes, that’s a word) to rediscover the answer. And there is no nirvana in that.


Team ShowMojo