Seventy-five percent of showings scheduled through ShowMojo are accompanied, in-person showings. There’s no self-show lockbox or key-checkout involved. And that makes sense, since ShowMojo was built first to completely reinvent the in-person showing experience.

Hats off to all the showing agents who — by using ShowMojo — help make this possible. We’re all in this together. So here are some great updates to clear even more complication from your lives.

Stack in Last-Minute Showings

Do you often honor a last-minute showing request at an occupied listing by stacking it immediately after an already-scheduled showing? That only makes sense, doesn’t it?

ShowMojo can now Automatically Stack Last-Minute Showings Alongside Properly-Scheduled Showtimes. This nifty time-saver is just a calendar setting away.

Stacking isn’t just for occupied listings. You can stack last-minute showings on any listing. If you have to drive to the listing anyway — why not allow additional showings to stack on?

One important thing to keep in mind. Stacking (adding new showtimes) isn’t the same as Piggybacking (adding showings to existing showtimes). Stacking and Piggybacking can be configured independently or used together. If you show in clusters (individual or group) then Stacking and Piggybacking — when combined together — can provide a dazzling amount of last-minute showing availability.

A Primer for Showing Agents

Did that last paragraph give you visions of chicken-fights at the beach? Or your two year-old gleefully knocking over everything in sight?

To help showing agents get the most out of ShowMojo as fast as possible we have added a Get Started as a Showing Agent article to our knowledge base.

This is not just a starting point for every new showing agent. It is also a great checklist for established showing agents looking for a refresher — or who want to confirm they have ShowMojo configured to work the absolute best for their needs.

Fine-Grained Notification Controls

Get too many emails from ShowMojo? Showing agents can now Control What Emails They Receive and Do Not Receive.

This includes emails on new showings, updated showings, canceled showings and confirmed showings. It even includes forwarded inquiries from prospects (when the account owner is also copied on those inquiries).

Are you the ShowMojo account owner and want better control over your email notifications? Check out our article: Account Owner Receives too Many Emails (or Not Enough) on a Multi-User Account.


Team ShowMojo