There’s no point in beating around the boxwood. Lead Claim has been the ugly, forgotten step-child at ShowMojo.

After its introduction, Lead Claim was almost immediately eclipsed by company accounts with true multi-user functionality. And then Lead Claim was left behind at the airport during NARPM National 2013. No one really wanted to turn around.

Yes, sometimes we’re just terrible.

We even debated pulling the plug on Lead Claim. Yet some kind customers continued to use it, and saw value in it. (Among other reasons, Lead Claim is available on even the smallest professional plan.) And so, finally, literally years later, we’re giving something back.

Lead Claim is a great way to notify a horde of agents about a new showing. But the horde had to be standing by its email inbox — until today. Now, Lead Claim can immediately text up to eight agents and email as many more as you can muster.

Lead Claim will email all your agents to tell them that the lead has been claimed, and by whom. But some hordes don’t like that much email. And other hordes don’t like grandstanding. So, as of today, you can also disable the “lead claimed” notification. (Actually, we’re so certain on this one, we disabled it by default.)

There really are some spiffy features here. Lead Claim:

  • Notifies a primary set of agents first then reaches out to a backup group only if necessary
  • Clusters multiple showings from a single prospect and distributes them all at once
  • Works hand-in-glove with ShowMojo’s other scheduling features like showing acceptance, tenant notification, and confirmation
  • Gracefully handles showings that have not been claimed by notifying the prospect prior to the showing and politely requesting that he or she select a new showtime

Lead Claim, of course, is no substitute for ShowMojo’s multi-user feature-set. But we’re confident Lead Claim could go ten rounds with Rently’s so-called multi-user functionality and leave it bloody and hanging from the ropes.

And now for the last challenge: how to find Lead Claim. Yes, we hid it in the room under the stairs. 1.) Go to the General Settings page. 2.) Scroll down to “Showing Notification and Distribution”. 3.) Click “Edit”. 4.) In the dropdown select “send a link to the following team members to claim the showing”.

And don’t forget to leave some breadcrumbs so you can find your way back.

Team ShowMojo

P.S. If you’re not already using Lead Claim, but it sounds interesting to you, schedule an account check-in so our team can help you determine if it is the right fit.