Before You Stop Reading.

1. Most of our existing plans remain unchanged.

2. Your current billing plan and terms with ShowMojo stay the same. All current customer plans continue to be grandfathered in.

3. There’s only good news here. ShowMojo has a stupefying variety of customers and usage patterns. We’re adding plans (and a plan tier) to better fit everyone.

We’re only discussing new plans here. The existing plans can still be found on the ShowMojo pricing page.

So read on — or hit the delete key with peace of mind.

New Monthly Professional Plans

The Monthly Mini $49 lead pack (one month or 100 leads) is for lower-volume users. We know some customers simply prefer to pay by the month. We also understand that many property managers want to try ShowMojo’s automate-it-all approach to leasing with a smaller bet. Our onboarding team awaits.

The Monthly Max $149 lead pack (one month or 700 leads) is pure volume for users who don’t need true multi-user features nor a higher-tier support level. This plan carries up to 12 CodeBoxes as part of the monthly fee. Are you a lockbox fan? Do the math. Sign up. Go nuts.

Additional Company Options

The Starter $99 monthly plan (250 leads, $20 a month for each additional user) significantly lowers the pricing barrier to value-packed multi-user features that can’t be found in any knock-off. There’s nothing remotely close to ShowMojo’s multi-user scheduling engine, and we want even more customers to take advantage of it.

The Stretch $649 monthly plan (4800 leads, 8 users included, $25 each additional) is for those customers about to have a pants blow-out on the Company Team plan. We know it’s no fun stepping up to a new price point, but it’s inevitable the way you keep eating new properties. And if the Team Plan isn’t already saving you one to two salaries then you need to sign up for an account check-in right now.

The New Elite Plans

Snob alert. We seriously considered calling this the One Percent Tier. Come on. You know you want to be there.

ShowMojo Elites are customers we work with on a regular and on-going basis. There’s best-practice consultations, ongoing implementation assistance and custom reports. This tier is for companies that want to have the most efficient, high-service leasing practice in their region — and who want ShowMojo to be an active part of that.

This is also where the unlimited lead plans now live.

The Solo $599 monthly plan (single user) is for lean, highly-automated companies who manage a portfolio far above their weight class. It’s ideal for property managers who feed their leasing process with a firehose of leads. And, with the ability to carry up to 40 CodeBoxes, this plan is a true head-turner for all the self-show aficionados out there.

The Office $799 monthly plan (6 users, $35 for each additional) adds one-on-one team-member training, showing agent compliance monitoring, and phone support for the entire team. ShowMojo’s going to help you get that moonshot off the ground, then come along for the ride.

The Enterprise $1199 monthly plan (20 users, $35 for each additional) goes bigger still. Regional. National. There’s no limit. And ShowMojo wants to share our know-how and rocket-wrench to help you get there.

The Closer

Show’s over folks. See you next week.

Team ShowMojo