And this ain’t no silly Christmas card neither. So don’t click “spam” just yet.

Announcing Customer Knowledge Mojo

ShowMojo’s new Customer Knowledge Base is nearly 100 articles and growing daily.


And that’s even our first thought too.

This is the real deal, folks. We’re adding answers to as many questions as we can. We enjoy support-pong as little as you do. We really invest a lot in our support team — and we do think it shows. Nonetheless, we believe the best first option is to provide immediate access to the information you need.

You can access the Customer Knowledge Base directly from the Help page. You need to be logged in to get there — this resource is for customers only. And don’t get your hopes up about any hidden entertainment or a half-cracked Easter egg. Knowledge Mojo is drier than weeks-old Christstollen baked during a sugar shortage.

That Holiday Schedule

You betcha we’re going to let people spend the holidays with their families, loved ones, and 60 years of holiday-themed reruns that mostly shouldn’t.

We will have near-to-normal coverage between the holidays. And someone will always be on emergency call even Christmas and New Years Eve. If nothing else, we need to have the popcorn ready for a bad sequel to last year’s DDOS Attack Party.

Merry Bah Christmas Humbug!


Team ShowMojo