Avoid the Long Drive

Hats off to those of you who manage properties across hundreds of miles. We couldn’t do it. Or, in cities where ten miles crawl like a hundred. We still couldn’t do it. Nonetheless, we are there for you.

ShowMojo now auto-cancels unconfirmed showings one, two, or three hours in advance — you decide. Everything else about Automated Showing Confirmation works the same. ShowMojo even makes adjustments to accommodate early morning showings.

The new setting is available on the General Settings page in the oh-so-familiar Showing Confirmation section.

The first five people to update this setting and reply to this email with “Thank you. I’ve been asking for this option for forever!” will get a $20 credit added to their ShowMojo account. But please do update the setting first. We will check.

Effortlessly Replace a User

Recruiting and hiring are hard. But Swapping out a Showing Agent or Administrator in ShowMojo? Now that’s easy.

To help with recruiting and hiring, we emphatically recommend Workable. It has been worth every penny.

Expert Mode — New API Articles

Yes, some of these features are not “new”. But, previously, you needed to chant an incantation and swear a loyalty oath to get to the documentation. Now — at least in most cases — you just need a developer.

Friday, Again?

Why do we now release the ShowMojo newsletters on Friday? Because it’s the drop-dead date before the weekend.

If we ever get back to releasing newsletters on Tuesday – that simply means we’re not working on enough new stuff.


Team ShowMojo