We finally came up with a name for something that sounds cool. Thanks Uber.

So What’s a Showing Surge?

A showing surge most often strikes property managers who pride themselves on individual, in-person showings.

In high-activity times, showings stack up and showing agents book up.

A showing surge is the peak of this activity, when listings have days with no available showtimes because there’s simply no space left on any showing agent’s calendar.

Showing Surge Agents to the Rescue

There is almost always someone who could help, isn’t there? From office staff, to maintenance workers, to third-party agents, to the Kung Fu Hustle Landlady — there’s nearly always someone to enlist.

Any of these people can be added to your account as Showing Surge Agents.

Showing Surge Agents get their own logins. They can specify their own availability and hook up their Google or Outlook calendars — even to avoid busy times. If you allow it, Showing Surge Agents can specify which areas and what rents they want to show.

Showing Surge Management Laid Bare

Think of it as multi-user scheduling falling back on a more intelligent lead claim.

Your regular showing agents automatically get the showings on any given listing until they’re full up.

Whenever a listing has one or no showtimes available on a given day (because that showing agent is overbooked like a third-rate US airline) ShowMojo automatically layers in surge showtimes for that day.

When a prospect schedules a surge showtime, ShowMojo text messages only those showing surge agents that fit the specific listing and showtime. Whichever agent claims the showing first gets it.

ShowMojo Open Beta Rules

All beta functionality has been tested by skilled professionals who know how to break things. I know I just described my two-year-old, but you get the point. We tested it. But you and your agents will break it better than we did. So feedback is expected.

Showing Surge Management is available on Company and Elite accounts.

To join the Showing Surge Management Beta just visit our Help Desk and send a polite request to that end.

Team ShowMojo