There’s No Ceremony Here.

The party is already over. Outlook 365 Integration is out and available to everyone.

Everyone who has a Business Office 365 subscription that is. Just head over to the Schedule Settings page (account admins) or your personal Settings page (team members) and have at it.

If you’ve got a Personal Office 365 subscription, our understanding is things can be resolved with some pixie dust and an in-person Surface Pro 4 purchase. (Before you spend any money, be clear that that’s a joke. Pixie dust is not required.)

Shenanigans aside, if you do have a Personal Office 365 subscription and want to use the Outlook Integration, then please give us a shout. There might be something akin-to-pixie-dust that can be done.

Team ShowMojo


P.S. No, there’s not more this week. We’d be fools to compete with a new Star Wars trailer.