This wasn’t supposed to be a beta. Outlook 365 Integration was supposed to be our Labor Day surprise. Simple. Straightforward. Done.

We’d already sandboxed Outlook a dozen racks away from Google Calendar. We tried to be proactive. But when we hit the switch the Outlook Integration went completely Balmers. It refused to play nice with anything. Not even with Outlook 365 accounts.

We contacted Microsoft’s incident response centers in Bangalore, Manila and Myrtle Beach. No dice. Then we flipped the Outlook 365 Integration to double-secret alpha. That made it feel a little special. Things really settled down after we pulled in the autonomous vehicles team. (Doesn’t everyone have one?) Three weeks and a few successful alpha accounts later, we are in good shape.

Want to join the Outlook 365 Integration Beta? You’ll get all the same phenomenal synchronization functionality that’s currently available for Google Calendar, which includes:

  • Pushing new and updated showings to your Outlook calendar in real time
  • Giving you offline access to essential showing information, including prospect contact information
  • Stepping around the busy times on your Outlook calendar (if you ask ShowMojo to do so)
All you need is an Office 365 business account … we think. Just drop us a note asking to be included at and we’ll figure it out.

Team ShowMojo