The ShowMojo management console just got rehabbed. Want to see? Log in, have a gander at your Dashboard, and prepare to be underwhelmed.

But don’t sell us short on this update. This was not a mere 10 gallons of semi-gloss — and there was no aspiration of beauty. Honest truth, we had simply run out of space.

The old Dashboard and Settings pages did not have enough room for all the new stuff we are building. Think of this like stacking a dozen more floors on ShowMojo HQ.

There are no new features in this announcement. But you can bet your best renter that there are more features on the way.

Meanwhile, if you encounter any issue or inconvenience from our little broom and backhoe endeavor, please do give a shout from the Help page.


Team ShowMojo


P.S. Just in case you missed it, be sure to check out our previous announcement on Live Answer (And 24/7 On Demand). That was big news. Did we say that last week? Oh, well, it still applies.