A Brief History of No Availability.

It was a dilemma right from the beginning. What to do when a listing has no available showtimes.

Our first solution was to find it and fix it. What could be more frustrating for a prospective tenant than discovering a great place with no available showtimes? We even built alerts to let you know when listings have no availability.

Not everyone was pleased. After much debate we added the Propose Showtimes feature as a fallback for no available showtimes. Prospects would never be caught without a showtime option. This made some people very happy.

Others not so much.

Then along came this pre-marketing idea. For those not in the know, pre-marketing is the practice of advertising a listing before it can be shown, collecting email addresses, then blasting everyone when the place is ready. Has anyone heard of Spamhaus?

You know where this is going. We were not a fan of pre-marketing until we found a way to make it a feature we like. Now we have. So here we are.

The New Pre-Marketing

You can call it Pre-Marketing. We prefer to think of it as Contact Later. Here’s why:

  • ShowMojo screens the prospect and accepts their contact information only when they are a fit for the listing.
  • ShowMojo automatically notifies all prospects when showtimes become available on the listing. Automatic — as in there’s nothing you need to do.
  • ShowMojo falls back on Contact Later whenever a listing has no available showtimes, not simply when a listing is in pre-marketing. You might never use Contact Later for pre-marketing, but it could be instrumental as a backstop for no available showtimes.
  • ShowMojo includes Contact Later leads in all Dynamic Prospect Notification activity. As always, the intent is a holistic, automated, do-it-for-you approach to leasing.

Call it what you like. We’re thrilled with the outcome.

Now You Can Choose

ShowMojo now has three No Availability options:

  1.  Contact Later: the new default behavior
  2.  Propose Showtimes: the previous default behavior, which anyone can turn back on
  3.  No Showtimes Available: with a customizable message for the prospect

You can review and change these options on the Schedule Settings page in the No Availability section.

If you’re a fan of Propose Showtimes, keep in mind this update applies only to situations where there are no showtimes available. Any Propose Showtimes settings on individual Calendars remain and behave the same.

That’s it. We’re off to other Gordian knots and new imbroglios.

Team ShowMojo


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