Live Answer Bundles See All Plan Tiers

Leverage the benefits of leasing automation while making the most of every lead.

ShowMojo’s Live Answer Bundle plans provide both self-serve convenience (for the average prospect who would prefer to schedule their own showings) and remarkable phone agents (for the occasional prospect who prefer a high touch).

Live Answer agents:

  Qualify prospects prior to scheduling the showing.

  Answer prospect questions.

  Email questions they cannot answer to you and your team. (You can answer directly from the email).

  Send scheduled prospects and all other leads through ShowMojo’s automation for showing confirmation, nurturing and cross-marketing.

Plus, get these features EXCLUSIVE to Live Answer Bundled Plans:

NEW Fraudulent Listing Guard: Whenever a potential fraud report hits Live Answer, an agent collects a full report with as many details as possible. Now, exclusively for accounts on Live Answer Bundle Plans, ShowMojo will investigate these alerts for you, flag fraudulent postings, and inform you of our findings.

NEW Listing Tracking Numbers: All Live Answer Bundle accounts receive complimentary tracking numbers for each on-market listing. These numbers increase the fidelity of reports, alerts and automation because prospects who call in on a listing-specific number are immediately assigned to that listing. ShowMojo automatically purchases phone numbers for you as needed, using the area codes you select.

By bundling Single Family Plan features with Live Answer polish, these plans offer the perfect cost-savings blend of efficiency and high touch.

Sprout Live Answer Bundle

  • Includes 3 on-market listings per month
    (Additional on-market listings $39 each)

Grow Live Answer Bundle

  • Includes 10 on-market listings per month
    (Additional on-market listings $34 each)

Scale Live Answer Bundle

  • Includes 40 on-market listings per month
    (Additional on-market listings $27 each)

Accelerate Live Answer Bundle

  • Includes 100 on-market listings per month
    (Additional on-market listings $22 each)

Dominate Live Answer Bundle

  • Includes 200 on-market listings per month
    (Additional on-market listings $19 each)

These new plans include unlimited users, unlimited leads (with a “soft cap” of 200 leads per listing per month), unlimited off-market listings, and phone support (an outbound call made upon request).

Any digital lockbox on the account is charged at $1.50 per lockbox per month — regardless of whether or not it is in use. Additional services — such as Rent Manager integration, Yardi integration, additional phone lines — can be added following the same terms as PRO plans.

The soft cap on leads is in place to monitor for misuse, such as: (1) marketing multiple on-market units or properties using a single ShowMojo listing or (2) sending a disproportionate volume of non-leasing calls to ShowMojo PHONE.