And now an announcement from the department of No. Never. Not a Snowball’s Chance in — Hey, Wait-a-Minute


Yes, we know. ShowMojo has spent years slaying the evil dragons of phone-tag and email-chain-hell. Now we’re going to let prospects propose showtimes? What could we be thinking?

We’re thinking opportunity. (As are the ShowMojo customers who would not stop asking for this feature.)

We’re not just letting prospects name their showtime. That would be insanity. Rather, it’s a proposal, and they have to propose three showtimes.

Here’s the details. When you allow prospects to propose showtimes on a specific calendar:

  1. Each prospect is first presented with your pre-approved showtimes
  2. Each prospect then has the option to propose their own showtime
  3. The prospect must propose three different showtimes
  4. You get to pick which showtime you want to take, or none at all
  5. If you pick none (or don’t respond in 24 hours) the prospect is politely asked to try again

See. No phone calls. No email schedule mash-ups. No arduous journey back to the badlands. Just more convenient showings for some prospects — if that’s your thing.

And the best part? ShowMojo’s group showing and piggyback features apply to these new showings. So, if you do accept a prospect’s proposed showtime, then all your other prospects can schedule that showtime as well (per the rules set on your calendar).