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Credit Card or Drivers License? Let the Prospect Decide

Some prospective renters prefer to validate their identity with a credit card. Others prefer to text in a photo of their drivers license. And, now, you can let the prospect choose what to use.

We love this feature. And, no, it wasn’t easy — thanks for asking. But it’s easy for you. And it’s easy for your prospects. That’s what matters.

Setting it up is easy, too.

And the even better news? This new feature is available no matter what lockbox product you use: CodeBox, bargain-bin single code, or one of the other autonomous entry products we just can’t discuss right now.

Get CodeBox Codes from the ShowMojo Mobile Site

You read that right. And there’s no set up for this one. Just browse over to ShowMojo.com on your smartphone and log in to the mobile site. If you need more help than that, check out the KnowMojo article.

That’s all the news that’s fit to print this week.


 Team ShowMojo