This week’s post is a shout out to all you in-person showing extraordinaires who tirelessly endeavor to orchestrate the optimal showing schedule.

You know who you are. Your time is too valuable to drive out for just one showing, or even just three. Yet you know the importance of meeting each prospect face to face, and the pitch-perfect soft-sell that gets an application in the door.

ShowMojo has always given showing maestros the basic tools you need, but things can get pretty complicated. You might have five different calendars per team member. Or you might plot each week with a score full of “anchor” showings.

Available immediately, there’s a better way. With ShowMojo, you can now create two types of calendars, based on your specific needs.

First, there’s a calendar that supports one set of listings that all use the same showing windows. This is the tried-and-true approach. It’s super useful if all of your listings are in one or two drivable areas and you want specific listings and showtimes to be determined based on prospect demand.

Second, a calendar that supports multiple listings that cannot share the same showing windows. This is window-by-window scheduling, using whichever listings you need, all in one calendar. If you want full control over your showing schedule — but don’t want to juggle five flaming calendars to get it — this is the calendar for you.

Need a little more help? Let’s try a Calendar page selfie.

No, beauty still isn’t our strong suit. But function and value sure are.

Want to see it in action? Head over to the Calendar page, click the New Calendar button, and be sure to select this new calendar option from the drop down.

Team ShowMojo