Remember that Call Center Closed Beta that we’ve got running at a slow boil? Well, one of the most common prospect phone inquiries is “what’s the security deposit?”

It’s not that ShowMojo didn’t already have functionality to track and display security deposits – it’s just that it clearly could be better.

Security Deposit is Now Easy for a Prospect to Find

We’ve put the listing’s security deposit under its own heading on your schedule-a-showing pages. Not up-front-and-in-your-face. More like there-when-you-need-it.

Sounds simple, right? Well, doing this took a lot more Tylenol, Advil and prescription-drug-adventure than one might think.

For Those Who Manage Their Listings in ShowMojo

It would be painful and unkindly of us to force you to enter a security deposit amount whenever you added a listing and whenever you changed rent.

So, to turn would-be lemons into happy thoughts, we’ve provided the following security deposit options:

  • A fixed amount — if that’s what you really want.
  • A multiple of the monthly rent, starting with one month.
  • The monthly rent plus an additional amount.
  • No deposit required — seriously?

Whether your approach to security deposits is run-of-the-mill or Byzantine, there should be something here for you. Just browse over to your Listings page and get started.

For Those Who Import Their Listings

We made a call to the Can We All Please Standardize Security Deposits Society only to discover they had closed for lack of interest.

That meant updating each one of our dozen import options to ensure that all your listings from Propertyware, Appfolio, Buildium, HeroPM and the like are pulling in the right security deposits. Hey, Rent Manager, we’re nearly there — sorry.

All of this is automatic. You do nothing — as long as your security deposit is in the appropriate fields when ShowMojo imports your listings.

The Syndication Party

And onto the final stop. ShowMojo syndicates to over 50 listing sites. We tangoed with each to ensure that the listing security deposit syndicates correctly to each listing site.

This is leasing automation at its finest, folks. Ridiculous complexity twice-distilled to something simple and entertaining that you might easily overlook if we didn’t cram your inbox with this newsletter every couple of weeks.


Team ShowMojo