South Florida and Orlando, we’re there for you!

As reported in yesterday’s post, Hurricane Craig has rolled through parts of Florida, banishing photos, tables, and other forms of HTML from those Craigslist sites. Post templates and posting tools are strung in ruins across the land.

But there is hope.

This morning we rolled out a new Craigslist template for South Florida and Orlando that:

  • Auto-generates an image-free, renter-friendly Craigslist post for each of your listings,
  • Includes CLICKABLE links to the ShowMojo schedule-a-showing page, and
  • Does not look like complete trash.

The template is named Newmark southfla. We reserve the right to rename it, depending upon Hurricane Craig’s future exploits.

Speaking of which, if you are in another Craigslist area and also suffering from this new image-and-html-free world, please drop a line and let us know.