Those Were The Days

Do you remember the young upstart Google that we loved? The Google that got us excited about the web and discovering new things on the Internet? You know, before they cast off their monopolist-do-gooder bipolar disorder and embraced evil. Well, that scrappy upstart Google had a program where their engineers could put 20% of their time into “lab” projects. Sometimes quirky, or just too bubbly, but with the potential to grow into the next Gmail or Google Maps. Nifty, huh.

ShowMojo Labs is nothing like that. It’s just a couple product development guys programming custom features for enterprise accounts. Cool stuff. Great collaboration. But always with a laser beam focus.

And now it’s time to share. Either of these two features could be the seed of something great. So we’re making them available to our customers, to see how they might grow.

Request a Document Anytime

You can already request a document (drivers license, proof-of-income, etc.) when a prospect schedules a showing. But now you can request a document any time you like.

After the showing, when a prospect wants to apply, you can send off a Proof of Income request from your smartphone. Or, on the day the tenant moves in, you can send a request to return the Move in Inspection Form from the ShowMojo dashboard. Better still, the request and the followup nagging is all documented — in case you need proof later.

Just like our Document Verification feature, all the renter needs is a camera phone.

Request a Document is available to almost all accounts with ShowMojo PHONE. It can be configured at the bottom of the Communication Settings page. Then look for the “Request a Document” links when editing a showing.

Add a Self-Guided Tour to CodeBox Showings

What’s one serious downside of lockbox showings? There’s no one there to sell the place and point out any (ahem … many) non-obvious features. So why not have your custom self-guided tour texted directly to the prospect’s phone when they start the showing?

How about something like this? Click it. Click the link. Really. It’s awesome.

That link works anywhere, though it’s built to play best on a smartphone.

Self-Guided Tours are available on any ShowMojo account that has a CodeBox associated with it. Just select the appropriate listing in ShowMojo, scroll to the bottom of the page, and start building your tour. Create your own spaces and add photos and custom audio for each. (If you’re microphone shy, our professional voice artist can do the recording for you. Just reach out to ask about pricing.)

Happy Friday, everyone!

Team ShowMojo


The “And One More Little Thing” Postscript: Read this if you auto-import listings into ShowMojo and need time to get everything set up. We’ve added a Don’t Show Before setting at the bottom of the Import Settings page. This will automatically set the listing to disallow showings before a specific number of days in the future. Need time to prepare the current tenant? Set a schedule? Hang a lockbox? Build a self-guided tour? This one is for you.