On Absence and Fonder Hearts

For those who might have wondered where our newsletters have gone, here’s the bittersweet truth. The ShowMojo creative team has been on a Lewis-and-Clark-like escapade unearthing and cataloging ever more content for KnowMojo, the one-stop-shop for at least half of everything you need to know about ShowMojo. (Yes, we’re still hard at work hunter-gathering the other half.)

Need an example? Do you use another system to manage your doors or market your listings? Even if you’re an old hand at ShowMojo, you should grab a Starbucks venti cup and start with Configure All Third-Party Systems for ShowMojo.

It might read like dry toast, but it’s really the best thing since sliced kielbasa.

You don’t have someone manually adding imported listings to each team member or calendar, do you? Seriously, just stop. This is ShowMojo you’re using and we all have better things to do. Just give them a copy of: Automatically Assign Imported Listings to the Correct Calendars, Showing Agents and Listing Groups.

Next, how about a Primer on Screening Questions so you can truly make the most of prospect screening without reducing your showing flow.

Are you just getting started with CodeBoxes? Have two CodeBoxes been sitting on your desk for the last three months? Yes, we do want to know. And please give a gander at our aptly titled Get Started with CodeBoxes article.

Then, when you are truly ready to be done for the day, just end the night with: Review and Update All Customizable Templates.

Looking for something we haven’t mentioned here? Just search the Knowledge Base.

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