ShowMojo includes a handy activity-tracking feature — accessible directly from the Dashboard — that tells you the number of button and page views for each listing you have on the market.

ShowMojo records a page view each time the schedule-a-showing page for the listing is viewed. This is the number of times your listing has been viewed on the ShowMojo site.

ShowMojo records a button view each time the schedule-a-showing button is viewed on a third-party site. For example, when someone views you ShowMojo-enabled post on Craigslist.

We often hear the question: “How many button views and/or page views does it take to get a showing?”

That’s a very simple question. But the answer is much less simple.

We did take a look at the views across our accounts for the last few months, and have some numbers to share that might be helpful.

When reviewing these numbers, keep in mind that a scheduled showing is much more valuable than a simple email or phone inquiry.

For Page Views:

  • Approximately 15 percent (one in seven) page views result in a showing
  • Some accounts see page-view-to-showing conversions upwards of 30 percent
  • Some accounts see page-view-to-showing conversions as low as 5 percent
For page views, we’re overall very happy to see these numbers. Some accounts converting almost 1 in 3 page views to a showing is pretty awesome.
Regarding the accounts that have lower page-view-to-showing conversion rates. Often, it seems, these prospective renters are first viewing the details of the listing on this page (and not somewhere earlier) so it shouldn’t be a surprise that not every listing is a fit for every renter.

For Button Views:

  • Approximately 2 percent (one in fifty) button views result in scheduled showings
  • Some accounts do see button-view-to-showing conversion rates upwards of 4 percent
  • Accounts that rely heavily on Craigslist see button-view-to-showing conversion rates at one percent or lower

Don’t be deceived by the lower button-view-to-showing rates on Craigslist. Typically, our customers who use Craigslist show much more overall volume than our customers who do not use Craigslist. So using Craigslist is a good thing — and most of us already know that — but you should expect lower button-view-to-showing conversion rates. Additionally, note that we do not see a similar drop in performance when it comes to Craigslist and page-view-to-showing rates.

Probably the biggest take-away from this post is that button and page views vary greatly by account. While we understand some reasons for that variation, we certainly don’t understand them all. The best thing to do is learn your own funnel statistics on your account and then begin to experiment with making them better.

To get the raw data on your account activity, just head over the the Settings page and click on the Export tab.