Sometimes we get shiny object syndrome. We admit it. We chase after things like ShowMojo PHONE, best-of-breed lockbox solutions, and document verification. You know, things that go beyond digital scheduling and marketing that no one — or few people, at best — asked us to do. It happens.

Sometimes we don’t listen because we’re ignorant to the Hollywood-sized meteor barreling upon us with DOOM digitally-tatooed to its hindquarters. Who needs yet another chunk of scheduling software? How can you schedule a showing without first talking to someone on the phone? How can you possibly charge money when the MLS has ShowingTime? You have to syndicate my sales listings, or I’ll cancel. All true stories. But let’s be clear. If you’re reading this, this isn’t you.

There’s a point, really. We’re getting there.

Sometimes it might not look like it, but we do listen and we do get it, but no matter how it looks from the outside it’s just really hard. Yes, we’ve been told that we could allow editing of showings on smartphones simply by rubber-gluing a cut-out of the Edit Showing Popup to a smartphone. Just like that guy who bolted a jet engine to the back of his car and flew into a mountain and won the Darwin Award. It might look easy, but really, sometimes it’s a life achievement.

And sometimes we finally do listen. So go to your mobile device and log in and schedule a new showing, or edit an existing showing. Just cut us a little slack because it was a lot harder than just copy-and-paste.

P.S. Yes, we know there’s more to be done to wrest our smartphone interface from the evil clutches of 2007. We’ll get there.