2015 Was a Feature-Packed Year.

We started with document verification.

Then announced the worst-kept secret since Apple Watch (read: CodeBox). Hey, when there’s another company out there slinging mud at a product you haven’t even announced yet, you know you’re on to something.

Then screening question restrictors.

Then we buttressed the completely new Reporting Dashboard with Showing Feedback, Listing Performance and CodeBox reports.

Then we added fine-grained control of listing site feeds.

Then dynamic prospect notifications.

Then calendaring updates here, here and here.

Then Outlook 365 integration, though we still want those two weeks of our lives back.

Then pre-marketing and contact later.

Then self-serve ShowMojo PHONE settings. At least the newsletter is a gem.

Then CodeBox Junior.

Then RentManager integration.

Then listing groups.

Then prospect blacklisting.

Then the pre-showing questionnaire follow up. This feature has legs like a millipede. Just wait and see.

And then a hundred other features we’d fling out links to, but we won’t because MailChimp will shut us down again like that time we hyperlinked to Spamhaus.


All this New Stuff Can Be Just Dizzying

We know it. We get it. And we’re not slowing down. That’s why ShowMojo offers account check-ins. In this one-on-one session, a ShowMojo team member will discuss any changes to your leasing model, review your current ShowMojo settings, get you up to speed on the latest and greatest value-packed features, and confirm that you’re on the best billing plan.

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Team ShowMojo

P.S. Did you get an invite to the DDOS Attack Party on New Years Day? We sure did. Check out the write-up on our blog to see who crashed the New Year and how we handled it.