We Lied

In last week’s newsletter we promised that next-up would be some other uber-complicated, paradigm-defying, fat feature thing — with configurations to match. Since the death march of settings updates has just grown monotonous, we’ve been investigating options more clever. But ringtone enchantments weren’t — and planetary alignments didn’t.

So we’re back for another boring round of super and simple and make-your-life-easier.

We’ve Woven Application Criteria Through ShowMojo

Let’s start with the icing.

Show of hands. Who lets your prospects opt to speak to a live person through ShowMojo PHONE? And how many of those calls are simple inquiries about your application criteria?

Now take a gander up top. That’s right! ShowMojo PHONE offers to send your prospects a link to your application criteria, before connecting them through to you. That’s awesome!

Sound like something that should require a ringtone enchantment? Give it a go for yourself.

  1. Call our demo line at 312.647.2050.
  2. Press star to speak to a live person.
  3. Request an application criteria link (hint: press 1 when instructed).

Want to add it to your account?

  1. Go to the General Settings page.
  2. Go to the Publicly-Visible Contact Information section.
  3. Add the page address where your application criteria is published.


And for Everyone Who Doesn’t Take Live Calls

First, you are awesome.

Second, you still get cake! As soon as you add an application criteria page address ShowMojo includes application criteria links on your schedule-a-showing pages for both desktop and mobile users. Automatically. Everywhere. And for everyone.

No doubt this will stop some calls and unnecessary scheduling frustration.

And, yes, we live for this stuff.


Team ShowMojo

P.S. Here’s a year’s-old request. Sorry. Anyone want to change your ShowMojo account name? WeLuvRenters just not motoring your boat any more? Give our Support Desk a shout and get in the queue. This one does take some planetary alignment.